Integrale Praxis im Bildungsbereich nimmt Fahrt auf – unsere Artikel bei «Enlivening Edge»

12. Juli 2017

Wir freuen uns ausserordentlich, dass wir dank Enlivening Edge und Jean-Paul Munsch die Gelegenheit bekommen haben, Elemente unseres Weges und unseres Wirkens auf diese Art zu teilen.

Line-of-sight Sailing Could Be an Encouraging Metaphor for a Teal-informed School

Introduction by Jean-Paul Munsch, Guest Editor of EE Magazine’s Education edition:

This Integral Day School, placed in the thriving city of Winterthur (Switzerland) is a fabulous example of integrating Teal thinking into practice. They developed a highly elaborated Teal culture over the years. And it shows how flexibly, yet rooted in a clearcut value base, the school operates. What a pleasure to see how creatively the elements of Spiral Dynamics are used to bring a sophisticated concept for a school into life, in order to let students emerge into their full human potential.

Line-of-sight Sailing: How a Teal Mindset Supports Positive Classroom Interactions

Beyond every essential technical reflection and needed theoretical foundation described, this article offers you a personal story and another insight into itw—probably one of the “Tealy-est” schools around. Presence, need-orientation, solution-focus, and connectedness are the keywords for this sincere story of successful and meaningful relationships between adults and kids.

Classically difficult classroom situations can be navigated using stages of development as a guide for teachers to staying connected with students.